When Bad Photoshops Happen To Good People

For only the second time this year I have missed a wedding of a dear friend. This time it was a whopper, my best friend for over 15 years and a man that the audacity, the tenacity, and sheer strength of will to be my roommate for over 6 of them. That is either insantity or a profile in courage.
So instead of heaping even more massive laudatory praise for a guy is both one the best artist's and programmers I know. Instead of glad handing a guy whose moral turpetude is so potent that if politicians had the power to extract his essencne his cloned progengy would fill all the clone vats in Area 51. Instead of saying that this strange ecclectic, who tears could end our countries addiction to foreign only save for the fact that he nevers cries (until now), ought to have just enjoyed his wedding day. I say that things got missed. The asthetic angels weep on my shoulders for the fashion that was lost. Fret not overlong, I have fixed it in Photoshop

On your fifth wedding anniversary you shall have what's coming to you. And it's only the finest in Beaver Pelt.

Congratulations and all of the best my dear Cholesky!


Jason said...

Warren Jeffs anyone? I though he was in jail so he couldn't marry any more. Damn I'm round :-(

Jason said...

Duh, I'm an idiot. All hail pres. Lincoln. Now your next task is to color me blue like that girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory.

Cholesky said...

Oh my god. That's out of control... sigh. I don't know which is funnier - me as Lincoln or Warren Jeffs. (also - you're cut off from the picasa account!)

Joshua Vaughan said...

Shit! At least email a picture of Robyn's dad then, that pic was Characture Heaven!

I knew when I posted this there would be ramifications from this... But dammital, I was laughing too much when I did it. What can I say man, bad things happens when I wake up too early in the morning and see you in a suit...

Besides, I mean the title... The tongue... so squarely in cheek! As Marcus Aurelius said, "It loved to happen..."

Anyways take care and congratulations!