Sometimes a tweet will never convey all that one hope to say. New York is kind of starting to grow on me. It is good here! My little apartment (and aren't they all?) is now almost a home. I have a pan, some food in the fridge, a few gadgets, a new bed, the table, the chair. It's not the Kafka apartment anymore, this is better. Naturally like all things in life after a full reboot and rebuild of my life it is going to take some time to get the rest of the pieces back together. Slowly but surely things are coming back together.

In all things I am feeling a lot better. I have been through a lot; traveled, experienced, loved, lost and lived to tell the tale. I feel like I can finally really connect with people both without losing myself or purpose, but without a lack of empathy. It's not an easy lesson to learn, aparently it takes about 31 years give or take.

On a less naval gazing note I have been working on stuff for Gameloft, I have a solemn responsibility to beat a game called N.O.V.A. to a pulp in the graphics department. It's not easy per se, but I do think it's doable! Been listening to a lot of proto electronic stuff and disco. I have put a name and a face to some of my all time favorite music. It was Giorgio Moroder all along! He is just such a crazy looking dude I had to paint a quicky caricature of him:

and here are some YouTube's:

Okay, now if this doesn't make you happy... you are just a dick. Sorry. Anyways, time for BARCADE! Hope everyone has a great weekend.