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I read all of Sarah Palin's speech. It was easier than listening to her speak it. I read all of John McCain's. The Daily Show beat me to the punch. It's George Bush's 2000 acceptence polished up for the Reformed Maverick. In eight years they haven't managed to do any of things they talked about, even when they had a stranglehold on national politics. I don't think that they will do any of it with another four years, which is probably for the best.

In short the Bard would say it was,"Full of Sound and Fury, in the End, signifying Nothing." No new ideas, no new path, no new mission, no new vision. A perverse rendition of democratic politics from the seventies without any real vision of how to accomplish it.

For the Ron Paul republican's I really hope you can find a way to get your voice heard above the din. At least you have something meaningful to say in all of this. It's seems that for a lot of Republicans who really do have somehthing valueable to offer to the public it will take a while for you guys to pick up steam. Even William F. Buckly, one the smartest voices on the right and leading propents of a small effecient Government said "the GOP needs to forget about trying to govern for a while, and should go out into the desert and find itself." I couldn't agree more.


Jason said...

I couldn't agree more with you Josh! If the founders of the GOP could see what Karl Rove and George W. Bush have done to their party of politics and to the name "Republican" they would probably die again of shame and disgust. I can't understand how McCain has now a 4 point lead in the polls with all of the Bush/Rove rhetoric that we've heard for the past 8 years. What have they given us? Two very expensive battle fronts dubbed as wars of salvation to the Iraqi's and Afghan's, 500 billion of debt just this year not to mention the ever increasing at a faster pace national debt. A fallen housing market that they now control with the overtaking of Fannie May and Freddie Mac. Less corporate oversight that allows larger businesses to get away with more tax loopholes, pay smaller wages, give less benefits to the employee and charge more for the product. Sure I'm all for companies making a profit, but when you go so far as to ruin an economy because having 500 million in your bank account is not as good as 600 million, even though paying the employees the extra 100 million would bring more. It's just plain greed.
Give a little, have a little
Give a lot, have it all.

Sorry for my rant


Cholesky said...

The older I get the more the prevailing notion of "small government" sounds like an out of date coder wistfully remembering the days when they could "know every line of code in the program." Yes – we all prefer simple code, but it's meaningless until we define our desired features. What should the government do? OK – now let's find the smallest government that can accomplish it.

(Here's a hint: anything Palin describes as “god's will” is off my desired feature list!)