Peace and Prizes

Okay, now I have sung the praises of Obama before, but now it's getting a bit absurd. If he showed up I am sure he could be the first man to win Miss Universe, despite being a man, not single, and middle aged. I used to the think the Yankee's were absurd. I used to think Cael Sanderson's collegiate wrestling record absurd. But alas, all records were made to be broken. All hail the leader of the free world.

I am now absolutely convinced that Earth is Obama's Barsoom. I am sure he went to sleep one day in cave, just lonely Civil War veteran and then somehow woke up on a strange new world, though not uncommon on his own world, and in the strange new gravity of Washington he seemed to have strange new powers. He is now exploiting his unique comparative advantage by winning every accolade a man can gain under the sun. Pretty soon Dos Equis' "World's Most Interesting Man" is going to realize he now in second place.

I can't say I fully comprehend what is going on anymore, but hey it's damn fun to watch. I think everytime Obama get's an Award a KKK member has an aneuyrsm. Guess we'll know for sure when David Duke spontaneously combusts. Here's to hoping.

So if you are tired of Obama let me recommend a sure cure for anything that ails you.

It's called Miami Shark, and I think it might be the finest game I have played this year. Follow the link. Sharks eat boats, helicopter, airplanes and anything else you can find. It's pure genius, enjoy.

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