Elbow Grease

Bits and pieces of the mothership are really coming together now. I have the mainpage up, some big ideas and what I hope is a pretty cool framework for pushing things forward a bit more at sharpenedpixel.com. At the present I have decended into CSS/PHP hell, which isn't really so bad, just a hell of a lot of stuff to iron out. So right now in my anthology of over-ambitiousness I have a long list of things that I need to throw in/together. For now it's just about plowing through on the wordpress reconversion of the blog. As far as the current look goes I will probably change it in 6 months or when time allows, but for now I am content to just plod along with Film Noir meets Modern Typeography for the style, it's kind of a fun fusion. Take a look at sharpenedpixel.com Anyways, if I can get some feedback, it would be appreciated,


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