Need to update more...

This may be my last post before moving over to Wordpress... SharpenedPixel.com is on it's way...

For now Quick and Dirty Updates:

worth staring at:

Paul Pepera : This is what it means to truly nail Hard Surface Modeling, freaking awesome.

Cholesky showed me this: Paul Lasaine. Dropping science the way Gallileo dropped the orange (Get well MCA.)

Been spending too much time in After Effects of late, so the gorilla has been really great to follow, especially on Vimeo. Also thanks to Crayola for eternally screwing me up on Gray vs. Grey... DAMMIT.

Other Rambling...
Intuos 4 get! It's truly a fantastic input device, looks like I will only be using my mouse for games from now on. I think I would still basically prefer it to a Cintiq. Switched out my dusty old M$ keyboard for a Razer Lycosa. It got a really nice low profile typing action and some sweet rubber keys, it's actually pretty nice and for a "Gamer Keyboard" relatively unpretentious, sorry I don't need a 220-key keyboard, just a numpad for entering Alt+ key combo's for the ©,®,™ or alt+0169, alt+0174 and alt+0154 respectively. Also ümläüts, or if you prefer, diaresis, which sounds like a medical procedure. But if you are really hard up this is always just character map for those.

Here is some Art, just 30 minute doodles to get into a groove on the Intuous:

So I'll be getting some better things together shortly, much more to follow soon.

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Aristurtle, Pepsi and Me. said...

WOW, the first piece looks Soooo psychedelic !!! Thank you I have a Nice new desktop image !!!