Really Big Fish

I have been working in India for almost 6 months now and the focus of Gameshastra is more on smaller games and services for larger ones. This Friday we'll see the fruits of our labor hit the Big Fish Game portal, (not just The Pirate Bay). Without further adieu, Nocturnal: Boston Nightfall.

I was the Art Director/Team Lead for the UI, Mini Games and the Hidden Object Backgrounds. I had to run away screaming from the In Game comics. If the game was named for what takes place there it would have been called Nocturnal: Edwardian Vampire Incest Litigation Suit, or Nocturnal: EVILS.

To the 30 Plus year old housewives that will actually play through this game I hope you enjoy the puzzles and content. To the morbidly curious have at it. To the rest I hope most of the Art is forgivable.

Here is Stuff:


SandSekh said...

hey..look what I found!

lolz at 'Nocturnal: Edwardian Vampire Incest'

Cholesky said...

looking sweet man - any downtime now that it's out the door? Are you gonna be back in the states for your birthday (or the holidays?)