Land of Opportunity

I awoke early in my 3rd rate motel room in Moab, Utah feeling strangely fine. By most accounts the death star exploded night and the curse of eight years of the worst president ever are over. Here's to seeing the end that chapter, may we collectively have the good sense not repeat it.

The U.S. has elected Barack Obama as it's president.

The U.S. has elected Barack Obama as it's president.

I still almost can't believe it, and I voted for him. It feels like the a weight has been lifted and the shackles of a long and ugly history at least got a little lighter. We might be onto something here. I got a little more bounce in my step today and the rest of the country got something even better:

The capacity to surprise ourselves with how good our good side can be.

It feels like the values that really built America might be winning again. It was never about creating an imperial hegemony. It's never been about heading over seas to create proxy democracies or all of the other BS that we have been in the name of White Trash.

It's always been about looking past most of the crap that most nations on this planet can't and giving some miserable bastard a shot. Sometimes they hit it out of the park. It's about making the U.S. a little more meritocratic again.

Well it's a pretty great day in America, the tide has turned, and it's going to be all right

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