Back Once Again

It's 2010! I am living in Manhattan! I am working at Gameloft!

Once again the dice randomizer has rolled it's D20's of fate and there have been a lot changes. I want to thank all of my Bharati's for an amazing year and half in India. I really do care a lot about you guys and don't forget about me. Of course, I did have a while to spend some more time with my Utah buddies, I hope you all know we are friends for life, but ideally that's obvious.

I have switched jobs and am working at Gameloft New York. Hopefully in an undisclosed amount of time you will all get to see the fruits of my labors. I can't give any real details but I think this coolest project I have worked on in my career. The guys on my team are great, and I am really liking working in New York, despite the New York State and City tax, which is MURDEROUS. The people here so far are great, my co-workers are awesome and there are some pretty amazing New Yorkers if you know where to look. It's not too surprising what with Bell Curves and all.

On the gaming front I am a wholly owned entity of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. It's truly amazing, been really loving my PSP for that few month's and this might be the high point even over Patapon and Loco Roco.

I have a pretty crazy year ahead of me know, but I have a lot of optimism about what a year can do. As promised to Naresh here are some sketches:

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