Stay Classy Pat Robertson


So here's Pat, stirring up shit again. Denouncing Islam which, last time I checked, has over 1 billion adherent's is not going to make the cause of Christianity any stronger. In fact Pat, quite frankly I think you can only make all Christians and it's followers look worse.

To denounce Islam is absolutely absurd. As someone who, gasp, has lived an work among people of the Islamic faith, I can tell you honestly, they are just as good, just as crazy, and no less human than any of the rest of us in the west, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, or Athiest.

I know a lot of this is happening in light of the Fort Hood shooting. My brother is stationed there. His wife and kids are there, it worries me too. I feel sick for the families affected, the father's being put into early graves and the tragedy of it all.

I feel sorry for Nidal Hasan as well. Just one poor bastard stuck in the middle of socio-religious ideologies at war. As surely as we have made Islam into our "hated enemy" they have repaid in kind.

Now ask yourselves dear Christians, when shall we learn to learn to turn the other cheek? To give kindness to any that would aid us? To do what is right by people, even if they would harm us? When will stop making the same mistakes, and see these people only as our enemy, instead of humans, no different or worse, simply choosing to walk a different path?

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