Bulletproof: I wish my industry was...

Looks like NOBODY is immune in this economy, and it's hitting everyone in the pants. So across the board we have both Sony AND Nintendo getting hit to the tune of about a 33% drop. So much for the myth of the recession proof industry.

Here's the links:

Nintendo's Troubles

Sony's Issues, with color commentary by Sony Realist Bill Harris.

Now to be fair I don't think Q1 releases have been half as strong this year. But we have seen the release of the DSi, the PSP-3000 IS fully compatible with Sony's future online plans, and there have definitely been some green patches in every market with strong new releases.

I suppose at this point we have a couple of things we can do. Read Paul Krugman wonkish posts until the economy picks up again (by use, decay and obsolescence) or just get all Emo about it and wait until the black mascara washes off. We can watch this while we wait:

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