I have been noticably absent/silent since the Obama inauguration, plenty of work to do, very little I could actually post. I'll try and get some more art up later, this weekend after Art Class it's off to tirupati Temple near Chennai. Should be interesting, I'll post up some pictures shortly!

Back to the U.S. concerns, given the incredible tumult at the end of the Bush I knew Obama was in for a trial by fire. The shear wrongheadedness of the Bush Administration is going to leave American's and the world digging out of a very large, very deep hole for a very long time. Looking at the slopes of employment, investment, the works I think we are in for a complete shake up in the next few years. At a time we need to pull together most the Republicans are at there most batshit insane and we are coming off the death throes of the worst Presidency in the History of the Republic, BAR NONE.

It's a struggle but I am really looking for the bottom of this, and few rays of sunshine to penetrate these clouds. But I think there is a crucial lesson to be learned. Bush era policies are completely bankrupt. New job creation in the U.S. has fallen to NIL over an 8 period, almost every job created during the last few years of the Bush Administration has been wiped out in a matter of months. Think about that, for eight years despite increases in U.S. GDP and Productivity collectively we have nothing to show for it. While China, Brazil and India are rapidly becoming world powers and Japan and the E.U. work to solidify there position we haven't even been treading water.

Fundamentally we are at a breaking point, our capitalistic system has been a natural funnel for channelling wealth from the poorest and most in need, to the wealthiest and least likely to appreciate another average mans yearly income. Our Government held this natural system in check from the 30's to the 80's to the chagrin of the fiscally elite with Progressive Taxation and the empowerment to put the Capitalists of the country to work in service to the Nation. Kennedy stirred the nation with speeches of asking not what the Country could do for you and in General we obliged. It worked for everyone.

The Neo Cons changed all of that and with it changed the age and poisoned the well of faith in our Country and it's ability to do what is right for most of it's people. Now we have Wall Street Bankers paying out billions in bonuses on the backs of the bruised, beaten taxpayers. Meanwhile in the Senate, their Republican Cronies are fighting for permanent Tax Cuts and demolishing the worth of the Stimulus package with more worthless tax handouts. I for one, am finding this state of affairs sickening.

First of all, Obama has a MANDATE, the Democrats need to get shit done and they need to write off the Republicans as an irretreviable obstactle to the progress we so desperately need to make. They need to start playing hardball while they can and inform the constituents of their States, many of whom are finding it tougher everyday to keep food on the table, that the Republicans think it is better to do NOTHING. That they find it acceptable to let poor people who had jobs only month's ago starve, even as they get fat in the midst of catastrophe. The Democrats need to resurrect the spirit of Tip O'Neil and give the Senate Republicans the curb stomping they so richly deserve.

Maybe once the Republicans realize they don't have any politcal capital to barter with we can finally get some Justice.

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